8 Reasons For Moms’ Belly Obesity

After birth, most mothers face with the fear of being overweight which may has serious impact on health and aesthetic aspect. Despite trying the variety of methods to lose weight, you just cannot disentangle yourself of the “belly fat” obsession. What are the reasons for Moms’ belly obesity?

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Below are 8 reasons why the obstinate belly fat never seems to disappear even though you have tried numerous ways to lose weight.

8 Reasons for Moms’ belly obesity:

1. Eating too much processed foods:
8 Reasons for Moms’ belly obesity

If you eat a lot of refined foods such as white bread, cookies, potato chips as well as refined sugars in fizzy drinks, sodas, your weight will uncontrollably put on. Therefore, mothers should eat natural foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains which contain antioxidants, anti-inflammation and prevent abdominal obesity.

2. Eat harmful fat:

The body absorbs each kind of fat in each different way. Saturated fat found in meat and milk increases the amount of visceral fat, which is definitely not good for health. Meanwhile, the unsaturated fat abundant in olive oil, avocados, walnuts, sunflower seeds, salmon, etc. has anti-inflammatory effect and brings many benefits to health.

However, eating too much fat, whatever kind it is, can also easily lead to weight gain. Therefore, you should eat only healthy fat with reasonable amount.

3. Choose the wrong exercises:
8 Reasons for Moms’ belly obesity

Choosing inappropriate exercises is one of the causes of the inability to get rid of belly fat. Make use of exercises with combinations of back, abdomen, hips and other body parts. These exercises combine multiple muscles and thus help you burn more calories.

4. Stress:

Serious stress is also a hindrance to those who want to lose weight, especially to lose belly fat. When we are stressed, stress hormones in the body increase cortisol which increases accumulation of excess belly fat.

5. Inadequate sleep:
8 Reasons for Moms’ belly obesity

Sleeping less than 6 hours per night also hinders the efforts to reduce belly fat. One study found that people who sleep less than 5 hours each night will be more at risk of weight gain than those who sleep 7 hours. The US National Institutes of Health recommend that adults should sleep enough, from 7 to 8 hours a night.

6. You have apple-shaped figure:

Apple-shaped figure describes the body that tends to bulge in the middle, get smaller toward the hips and thighs. This, easily cause you difficulties in reducing belly fat.

7. Lazy to drink water:
8 Reasons for Moms’ belly obesity

Water is indispensable to human health, the body’s dehydration will easily lead to weight gain as the result of slow metabolic rate, and you will unwittingly eat more than usual without even knowing about it.

Besides, adequate drinking of water daily will also help you limit the feeling of hunger, which helps the body to lose weight effectively. Drinking a glass of water before meals will help you control your portion and eat less, moreover, your digestive system will also work better and the metabolism will also take place much more easily and effectively.

8. Eat too late:

The habit of staying up late and eating late at night also creates weight loss difficulties. At night the metabolic function in the body also decreases, eating at this time and then going to bed makes your body unable to consume all the energy from the food and the excess energy will be stored as fat, leading to your weight increase.

To control your weight, you should not eat after 8 pm. In addition, dinner should not be served with food such as fried foods, spicy foods, chocolate and dairy products.

In sum, to lose weight effectively and have the desirable waistline, mothers should combine a diet which is high in fiber, low in calories, carbohydrate and sugar with an exercise regime that is good for the cardiovascular system as well as burns a lot of calories.

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8 Reasons For Moms’ Belly Obesity
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