6 drinks for weight loss, slimming belly

Weight loss drinks within 2 no stranger, which is very familiar picky, again easy. Try the following items to the early 6 to achieve their dreams with a waistline flat glass.

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6 drinks for weight loss:

1. Countries with natural flavors:

Drinking plenty of water has an important role in weight loss, of course that is water. Drinking plenty of water helps the body maintain fluid balance, prevent the body to retain water (one of the causes big belly) and even increases the feeling of fullness, causing you to eat less.

If you feel really bland water, try flavored waters are naturally more attractive to them. You can select herbs, fresh, citrus fruits and low calorie flavors to additional support (such as cucumber slices, for example). We will help you to drink more water voluntarily.

2. Vitamin pure watermelon:

Watermelon smoothie with high water content, low in calories, you should drink pure instead add sugar or milk. Also watermelon also contains many nutrients as cancer-fighting lycopene, the amino acid arginine.

3. Cold mint tea:

Super cold mint tea was refreshing on hot summer days and also a flat stomach drinks help slim waist. Peppermint tea helps the stomach, ensuring even the fat-rich foods such as burgers and steaks are digested quickly, preventing bloated belly.

4. Vitamin pineapple (pineapple):

Thom has a very pleasant flavor, easy to drink and contains many nutrients. A pineapple smoothie contains bromelain, an enzyme that helps break down protein, easy digestion and prevent the accumulation of fat.

5. Green Tea:

Besides reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease, green tea contains catechins – antioxidants that can help reduce belly fat. If you drink green tea before exercise, these compounds can also increase the ability to burn fat during exercise.

6. Vitamin dark chocolate:

Dark chocolate reduces cravings and reduce the interest in food in general. But a smoothie with dark chocolate has more than 400 calories is not suitable for a snack. You can use it at breakfast. You will eat less of the meal the rest of that day.

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6 drinks for weight loss, slimming belly
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  1. Hey Nick great article
    In those drinks you mentioned in this article i like green tea the most especial matcha green tea,i think it is a great was to loose weight and belly fat.
    keep up with great work

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