5 best protein-rich foods for weight loss

Protein helps you to have more energy and to feel full longer as well as suits all diets. We take somes foods which protein-rich for weight loss

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Once finding out the suitable foods, you will be able to create healthy weight loss diets, which help burn fat and calories efficiently. A high protein diet can reduce a large amount of fat as well as enhance muscle strength.

Therefore, a diet that is rich in protein is essential for people who want to lose weight. Eat these below 5 types of food regularly to be able to supplement the protein for the body most effectively.

5 foods that help you to lose weight:

1. Salmon:

It is not by chance that salmon is recommended for almost every weight loss diet. For every 100 calorie intake of salmon, you will get 14 grams of pure protein. Moreover, salmon contains a variety of beneficial fatty acids which are good for the brain and skin and also help stabilize blood pressure.

Salmon is a dish that you can easily process and ensure maintaining maximum nutritional content. In winter, you can eat salmon hot pot, or grilled salmon with vegetables, which are still tasty even without having rice.

Because salmon itself has a lot of fat, so you should not fry in as much oil as other type of fish, just briefly sauté then serve with lemon. Despite those benefits, you should not eat too much salmon in one meal, as the cumulative calories are in turn bad for your weight.

2. Tuna:

Tuna is a simpler and more economical choice than salmon; you can choose to eat either fresh tuna or canned tuna. However, you should avoid making tuna salad, especially eating tuna with mayonnaise. Tuna can be processed with grain legumes such as white beans and peas.

Over the world, it is not easy buy tuna fresh enough to make the Japanese-style sushi; however, you can process it in simple method such as cooking tuna with soy sauce then serving with rice to have a nutritious diet.

3. Chicken breast:

Chicken breast is commonly used in the menu for weightlifters as it helps tighten the muscles and thus accelerates the consumption of excess fat. You can make various delicious dishes from chicken breast, because this is the leanest part of a chicken, providing ideal protein for the body. If the salad full of vegetables makes you bored, try adding some chicken breast and your salad will be much more attractive.

Additionally, you can also use chicken breasts to make nutritious stews, creating delicious dishes that seem very aromatic but are not fatty at all. If in some occasions, you have to go to a fried chicken restaurant with friends and relatives, the fried chicken breast dish was the best option, to reduce the risk of excessive oil consumption.

4 . Tofu:

Tofu is an excellent source of protein for every meal, suitable for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian diet. When consuming 100 calories from tofu, you absorb 10 grams of protein.

In addition to the familiar dishes such as fried and stir-fried tofu, you can also have tofu pudding and soy milk for the dessert. Just reduce the amount of sugar in the water used with these dishes and you will have healthy and nutritious snacks.

However, you should not eat too much fried tofu or tofu stuffed with meat, instead, cut tofu into small pieces and cook with the soup. Then for dinner, you will only need to eat a bowl of tofu soup, without any rice, and this will boost your weight loss.

5. Egg whites:

A bowl full of egg white contains only about 117 calories, but there are up to 26 grams of protein. Especially, egg whites contain only protein and do not contain fat like jolks, thus are of great benefit to people who need to lose weight, particularly those who are applying low-carbohydrate dieting method.
The most delicious way to have egg whites is to mix boiled egg whites with vegetable salad.

Alternatively, you can ground egg whites into sauces without consuming excess calories like having sauces from egg yolks. For best absorption, you should eat egg whites in the morning to help support metabolism and make your body to be comfortable throughout the day.

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5 best protein-rich foods for weight loss
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  1. Losing weight is 80% diet and 20% fat, there’s no point in doing hours and hours of cardio and weight training if you’re still eating junk food, because you will not lose any weight, sure you may get fitter but you won’t lose any fat.

    Also, if you can’t fit 30 minutes of cardio in a day, 7 minutes will do the trick tremendously, well that’s only if you’re doing 7 minutes of HIIT (High Intensity).

    Do at least a 20 second sprint then a 20 second run, alternate for 7 minutes, everyday, you will feel great and revitalized after.

    Be careful in which guides you follow, there are TONS of fad diets and lies. Here’s a great weight loss program I used to lose weight and permanently keep it off: https://thehealthspecialists.com

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