3 Ways To Get Back Round Flat Stomach Is Extremely Effective Postnatal


During pregnancy, most women are gaining weight. Especially in modern life with animals full of food makes you lose control and increasing more weight. Therefore, weight loss is the biggest problem for the mother after birth. Wow, what are the ways to get back round flat stomach?

Some will cellulite waistline is always an obsession with any mother does. In addition to the fat reduction measures as set fitness, cosmetic surgery liposuction, then there are other methods of fat reduction from folk, bring abdominal massage with fruits such as ginger wine technology, compresses wormwood, abdominal gene …

You take the same reference methods postpartum belly fat reduction are more applicable mother most light!

3 ways to get back round flat stomach is extremely effective postnatal

1. Ginger Wine + Technology:

The method of using ginger wine groundbreaking technology to massage the lower abdominal skin after birth may be many women look most choose to reduce belly fat.

Substance gingerol in ginger oil will heat the abdomen, helps burn fat abdomen local sisters.
Wines such as “derivatives” of ginger essential oil seeped into the subcutaneous fat increases the decomposition of fat there. At the same time
Technology helps skin regeneration, helps reduce abdominal skin wrinkled.


– 1 5-liter glass jar
– 1kg ginger
– 1kg of Technology
– 3-4 liters of white wine


– Ginger and turmeric washed. Scrape off the outer layer, pound
– Ginger and turmeric have retired stamp into the jar, then pour in white wine that is submerged about 2 hands are burning. Lead you can reduce or cap the earth, placed in a cool spot to no damage, foam or water on the moving blood.
– After 2 months of ginger wine soaked technologies will have a very bright saffron. Now, you can carry out using right.

2. Apply wormwood:

Hot compresses wormwood is also the mother how much credibility to lose belly fat after giving birth.


– Wormwood (each held to 5-6), towels (2-3), 2 bricks, firewood stove, 1 strip of coarse cloth.


– Wormwood washed
– Place the brick on the charcoal stove to heat
– Spread towel on the abdomen (folded into 2 layers), wormwood put up, put bricks heat up, put one another towel on top to extra. If they feel they can overheat to add wormwood leaves or undergo further add 1 layer of tissue below. Gas any less hot bricks are replaced hot member. Doing so continuously for 1 hour.

– After finishing up, stood on the bed and wrapped around the belly strips coarse cloth, as tightly as possible, should be used more external abdominal wound genetically fixed.
If you wait for a cesarean section postnatal 1 week please packs wormwood. Still births can often do it now.

3. Gen belly:

Before the abdominal belts available in the market, women have been taught their predecessors how to harness the abdomen without costly.


– Do not fly on towels, cloth, would have sufficient length coat wrapped around the abdomen.
– Wrap into the ring and rule more tightly round after the previous round.
– Applying this method, the following day daily “off vibes” (ie October 3 days), sisters of women will have a longer waist as the “daughter”.

In fact, they are fostering overkill, fat accumulation in the abdominal area is loose, so when remove the buckle women will still see your belly as the initial round. It is best to get up to go back, you go to the so go slowly, gently. Moreover, early mobilization by gentle movement will make possible involution of the uterus, pushed products out faster services.

Many excuses Caesarean left on the bed is not recommended. Out out, do not be afraid because the incision will bung doctors stitched up to 3 layers and is healed after 10 days, can be cut lead.
To approach this reduced postpartum belly fat effectively, you may be genetically hard-hearted at the same time set training, special exercises for the abdomen will help quickly slimmer waist.

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3 Ways To Get Back Round Flat Stomach Is Extremely Effective Postnatal
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