3 steps to Scientific Weight Loss for Teenagers

Obesity is one of the factors that cause impediment in children’s growth in height. Especially during puberty. This stage should be paid much attention to as children tend to have unhealthy eating and living habits, which can lead to obesity. We will introduce 3 steps to Scientific Weight Loss for Teenagers:

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Teenagers are most prone overweight due to a lot of reasons, and to cope with obesity in this stage, here are some lively and effective methods for your reference.

At this age, children often have erratic eating habits. Moreover, they are usually unaware of the harmful effects of obesity as well as not pay heed to protecting their health.

It is parents that guide and encourage children to successfully perform the weight loss plan before the children have to suffer from heart or digestive diseases.

3 steps to Scientific Weight Loss for Teenagers:

Step 1: Before losing weight:

– Before implementing a weight loss regime, we should determine the weight loss goal, which is to lose weight effectively and healthily in the shortest period of time.

Start with the simple targets instead of huge ones that you will never be able to be achieved, which will discourage you if you are not successful

– Then make a specific and detailed plan. Fill in some free time after school in your schedule with exercises.
– Start the diet tomorrow, right when you wake up. A fresh start is always potential for good results. Get prepared from the night before, and outline the plans for the whole week or for several months.

Step 2: Eat healthy:

– Do not eat too much fast food or snacks. You need to eat healthy foods and not to skip meals. Every day you should eat 5 small meals, spacing about 3 to 4 hours between each. Your blood sugar will thereby be stable and you will not feel hungry.

– Exercise lightly before breakfast, even just some stretching movements. If the stomach is empty, your body can’t help but burn fat. However, do not skip breakfast. It makes your body moving and boosts your metabolism and then prevents later hunger. So, you should try to have breakfast with nutritious foods to provide energy for a dynamic learning day.

– Teenagers at puberty usually love to eat snacks. This is not good for health. So you should avoid buying food in the school canteen or at street food vendors, which are unsanitary as well as innutritious. Instead, bring homemade food to curb your craving. At lunch, you should eat rice, or sandwiches, together with two pieces of fruit and water and avoid sweets or greasy food.

Remember that it takes at least 20 minutes to realize whether you are full or not, so try not to eat too much and stop eating when you are nearly full.

– Do not eat in the period from 9 pm to 6 am. This will force your body to be in discipline. Your metabolism work very slowly at night (especially when you are sleeping), which also means your body will not digest food.

– For snacks, remember to choose fruits and vegetables which are good for health rather than confectionery. If you do not like vegetables, try to eat them together with sauces like peanut butter, or choose dry nuts without salt instead.

Plain yogurt also helps boost metabolism and also delicious (yogurt served with honey and strawberries is an excellent choice). Popcorn without salt and butter is also very good. All these dishes are very abundant in fiber, and beneficial to weight loss.

– Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, but do not drink all at a time until then, it is better to spread it throughout the day. You can drink in any way you like, as long as you drink enough water. This will help you feel fuller.

Apart from water, almost any other type of drink contains calories. Learn to love the taste of pure water, and drink water regularly every day to improve health and digestion. Processed fruit and vegetable juices lack in fiber and are not as good as fresh vegetables and fruits, so avoid drinking them.

However, if you can make the juices yourself, it will provide plenty of nutrients and support the weight loss. Besides, drinking plenty of water also helps beautify your complexion as well as prevent aging.

– Use mint instead of gum. Chewing gum is also good for burning calories, but is not good for the stomach. The action of chewing makes you swallow too much air, which can cause bloating. If you want fresh breath, choose mint instead.

Step 3: Playing sports:

– Walk as much as possible.  A person burns averagely 6 calories in one minute walking. Try to walk at least 1.5 km at the beginning, and then strive to walk a little farther each day. Walk at a fast pace then slow down when you feel tired. At baseline, it is important that you walk before considering moving faster.

Some points to note when walking:

+ Climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator.
+ Just 15 minutes walking a day can increase life expectancy by up to 3 years according to several studies.
+ Dancing to the music on TV or other media. Any movement will also help you shed some calories, so have fun while training to increase the excitement for exercise.


3 steps to Scientific Weight Loss for Teenagers
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