3 Golden Rules For Successful Weight Loss

To lose weight successfully, besides a reasonable diet and exercise regime. It is vital to reduce the formation of white adipose tissue (WAT) or white fat, which is scientifically proven.

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Some Golden Rules For Successful Weight Loss:

1. An appropriate diet:

3 Golden Rules For Successful Weight Loss

For overweight and obese people to lose weight, the very first advice is to change the diet accordingly. It should not be too strictly abstinent but should also maintain a proper control of food.

In fact, many people still choose the wrong methods such as fasting, drinking vinegar, laxative and so on to lose weight. This is extremely dangerous to your health. Fasting causes depression, dehydration, loss of electrolytes as well as the chaotic functioning of the organs. Meanwhile, the root problem is to have a reasonable diet.

Specifically, in the daily diet, energy intake must be proportional to the energy consumption. You should maintain at 30 kcal per kg of body weight and incorporate adequate nutritional substances (starch – sugar, protein and fat) in the daily diet. Have lots of vegetables, fruits rich in fiber and vitamins.

Overweight and obese people should reduce food and beverage that contain carbohydrates (rice, cereals, etc.), sugar (cakes, candy, teas, jams, condensed milk etc.), sugary fruits (banana, labels, cloth etc.); reduce foods high in fat from animals, meat and meat products high in fat, animal organs, fatty fried dishes, milk and dairy products (cream, cheese, milk / whole milk) and do not drink too much beer and wine.

2. Actively exercising and training:

3 Golden Rules For Successful Weight Loss

Along with controlling the energy taken into the body, you should work out daily to burn excess calories.

According to experts’ recommendation, you should have a diligent and regular training regime that is suitable for your body. Set out a minimum of 30 minutes each time for workouts and maintain it 5 times a week with sports appropriate to your age and gender, such as walking, cycling and yoga. Focus on exercises affecting the waist, abdomen and thighs and it will be better if you have guidance from fitness experts.

Pay more attention to food and water taken into the body will put the process at ease and make it less painful. For example, to consume the calories provided by only one 330 ml bottle of beer. One has to lift his head and do crunches in more than half an hour.

Keeping a reasonable exercise regime not only aids in energy consumption, but also facilitates blood circulation, strengthens the respiratory function and reduce pressure on bones and joints and thus is good for overall health.

3. Use functional foods derived from nature:

The use of dietary supplements from natural extracts has recently become a trend that helps increase the efficiency and shorten the time necessary to reach your weight loss goals.

The latest research of the American scientists has demonstrated that the safety and effectiveness of dietary supplements derived from nature lie on its direct impact on the formation phase of white fat cells. This might helps reduce the accumulation of white fat and bring about a toned and slim body.

Persistently follow these 3 golden principles including dieting appropriately. Increasing exercise and using dietary supplements from natural extracts will help you lose weight safely, efficiently and sustainably. Moreover, they will help prevent complications from being overweight, obesity as well as protect and improve your overall health.

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3 Golden Rules For Successful Weight Loss
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