10 Secrets that help “remove extremely fast the resident’s status” of belly fat

Belly fat is most women’s consternated obsession. An expanding and oversized waistline often makes our ladies lose their self-confidence. Below are 10 simple secrets that can help you remove such fatal excessive layers of fat.

If you are gloomy and worried about your overweight status and your belly constantly storing fat, you need to find the solution to solve immediately and radically.

A pot belly with extra fat layers makes you seem less attractive and reserved on choosing clothes. It also makes it hard to zip up your tight but stylish jean while showing a full fatty abdomen or your attractively luxurious body-con dress also refuses you because it is the culprit which denounces your oversized waistline.

Do you want to wear only baggy clothes, dark clothes all your life to hide the extra fat, or do you hope to improve your oversized figure, remove the resident’s status of belly fat so that you can put on more freely and beautifully? The answer depends on you. I’m sure you’re a modern woman, so you won’t stop improving yourself.

10 Secrets that help “remove extremely fast the resident’s status” of belly fat:

1. Hammaming to remove fat:

Having a Turkish bath or hammaming for 30 minutes enables you to excrete about one liter of water from the body, and help excrete waste products, toxins, or excessive fat from the body. It also burns 600 calories, equivalent to 45 walking minutes or 25 minutes of strong activities.

After you have gone out of the hammam, your weight changes significantly (reducing from 0, 8 to 1 kilo). However, to lose weight and break down belly fat by this way, you need to be patient to remain it for a long time as when you drink water, your weight will increase slightly.

2. Drinking hot tea in the morning and sipping some bananas:

If you want to lose weight very fast and narrow your waistline, do eat some bananas for breakfast and then drink a little hot tea seadily within 2 weeks. I’m sure you’ll find a surprising result.

Bananas are considered a natural laxative food which helps improve the digestion and excrete toxics better from the body, so bananas assist effectively with weight loss. Besides, bananas are rich in vitamins that can help prevent aging, nourish and beautify deep inside of the skin to bring you a healthy and full of vitality beauty.

3. Drinking natural lemonade in diluted form instead of pure water:

Instead of drinking pure water, you should take diluted lemonade without sugar. This habit can ensure the adequate water supply for your body every day, intensify an increased resistance, lower the body’s heat, excrete toxins from the body, improve the digestion system, assist in the metabolism, and nourish hair and skin thanks to the plentiful and diverse vitamins in the lemon.

For oveweight people, drinking natural lemonade diluted in some water instead of pure is a wonderful secret that can help remove excessive fat and lose weight effectively.

4. Using slices of lemons to cover your abdomen:

Slice some fresh lemons into thin pieces and then cover the abdominal skin with them. Keep them for about 20 minutes. Slices of lemons have a great impact on reducing the extra fat effectively, burning fat, dialysing blood so that you can own healthily stretch smooth skin of the abdomen.

5. Rubbing your abdomen with roasted ginger salt or mugwort:

In the past, Vietnamese people used to apply hot roasted salt compress to the abdomen, which helps remove excessive fat, slim down the stomach, and make it leaner. Women after fregnancy often apply this secret to get their slimming figure of girlhood.

The recipe for applying compresses is very simple: you should roast about one kilo of salt, then put it into a clothing bag and rub or apply it to your stomach when the salt is still hot. The heat of the salt bag will help you break down excessive fat. When applying, you need to massage flexibly to increase the effect. If you want to speed up the slimming process, do roast salt with some ginger or some mugwort and then rub your abdomen as normal.

6. Massaging abdominal area with unrefined salt:

Before having a bath, you should have one glass of unrefined salt mixed with little hot water so that salt can dissolve in water. After that apply the solution to your abdomen, rub in and massage slightly for 10 minutes, then wash in warm water and have a bath. Having bathed, you may go on rubbing your abdominal area with the solution of unrefined salt, massaging slightly to break down excessive fat. Continue until your abdominal skin feels warm up.

It is advisable not to rub so drastically that both hands and abdominal skin are hurt. That you keep the habit of massaging your abdomen with unrefined salt can assist in excreting toxins, water, and excessive fat from the body. This also helps remove all dead cells from the abdominal area, which can make the skin smoother, leaner, and whiter.

7. Taking up swimming to reduce belly fat:

Swimming is one of the most wonderful sports that can help you get your slim body with a flat and lean abdominal area as you don’t have to waste much time or money, but it can help relieve stress effectively, strengthen your health, do good for cadiovascular, and assist in losing weight very quickly.

8. Practising abdominal muscle exercises:

There are many abdominal exercises, which affect directly abdominal muscles to help you break down the extra fat quickly. You need to be patient to practise these exercises because at first the abdomonal muscles can be paining. Gradually, the pain disappears after a long workout. As a result, your abdominal muscles become leaner and you can own a slim attractive waistline with no excessive fat.

Lie on the floor with your back on the floor, legs stretched out and heels touching each other. Keep your hands on either side of the body, palms facing the ground. Your weight focuses on your stomach. Then bring your legs back gradually to the supine position. Repeat this pose for several times. Or you can lie on your back on the bench and then sit up quickly. It is also an effective way to exercise the stomach muscles.

9. Practising push-up exercise:

Push-up exercise can help practise cadiovascular, improve your health, and tone your body. Practising push-up exercise every day is one of the best ways that assist in losing weight effectively, especially in removing belly fat very fast.

10. Making the habit of drinking fresh green tea:

Green tea is very good for our health, helps prevent aging and oxidizing, prevent cancer diseases, aid in losing weight quickly, remove toxins and reduce abdominal fat very fast. Drinking fresh green tea every day is a way that can assist in nourishing your beauty, your youth and your sexy slim figure.

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10 Secrets that help “remove extremely fast the resident’s status” of belly fat
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